Making the move to distance learning pt 1

A few weeks have passed since LUSEM made the decision to switch to distance learning meaning that the second half of the spring semester will be taught via online lectures and assessed by digital examinations. With physical lectures being cancelled many of us are put into a new situation which requires creative solutions and significantly more self-discipline. However, although we’re socially isolating, it doesn’t mean that we have to face the switch into online learning alone. Luckily there are people working towards making the transformation to digital learning as smooth as possible and plenty of ways to make working from home more efficient. 

Make your voice heard

Lundatan spoke to the project leader of the Education Committee, William Weidow, to find out what measures are being taken to address the big changes happening in our teaching and assessment. The Education Committee, together with Carl Ericsson, the Educational Affairs Manager for The Board, is the body responsible for the educational surveillance at LUSEM, ensuring that the voices of students are heard when decisions considering our education are made.’

What is the Education Committee doing to ensure that the voice of students is heard?

“Our work is continuous during both semesters and has, in contradiction to many other committees in LundaEkonomerna that are more event-based, actually increased in relation to the Corona Crisis. Our main way of creating change is through our active members participating in the institution meetings and making sure the students’ voices are heard at all times.

We just launched an Exam Evaluation that was put together last second as we realized that the adaptation to digital teaching/examination requires more direct action. We actually started creating the form the day after the teaching/examination went all digital. The Exam Evaluation tries to cover more general trends and is a way for us to give more quick & direct feedback to the institutions and try to learn from the first all-digital exam period. We hope that this will allow for us to figure out exactly what has been working more and less well in the transition to digital exams and to be able to get back to the institutions with concrete feedback and thoughts from the Students of LUSEM to ensure that no mistreatment is being done through this transition. You can find the Exam Evaluation on this link:” 

Where to contact if students are experiencing issues with digital lectures or exams?
“If you have a less “urgent” issue or just general thoughts you want to raise with us you can always contact me at or the institution-specific representatives at their committee mails. When experiencing issues with digital lectures, exams etc. you can always, if it comes to a more confidential or serious issue (no matter if it’s regarding digital lectures or exams) send in a Student Issue

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