Lundtan’s Iced Coffee Test

Imagine a late afternoon at EC. It is slowly getting darker outside, as you see the sun go down. You have been studying all day and plan to spend the night studying as well as your exam is coming up soon. The day has been long and tough, and you start to feel the need…

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Imagine a late afternoon at EC. It is slowly getting darker outside, as you see the sun go down. You have been studying all day and plan to spend the night studying as well as your exam is coming up soon. The day has been long and tough, and you start to feel the need for caffeine in order to continue your hard work. You walk over to EC3 and Cafe Holger, planning to buy a well-deserved cup of coffee. And then a horrible sight strucks you; the cafe is closed! In desperation you walk over to Ica in order to buy the second best alternative, iced coffee. However, the options are endless. How can you decide on which one you should choose?

Well, don’t worry, Lundtan has got your back. To make your life easier, we decided to taste some of the different options on the market. 

Löfvbergs ICE Latte Macchiato

Theo: One thing is certain, it tastes good. However, it doesn’t really taste like coffee, and I would become very tired if I drank more than just a few sips. So there the point of drinking coffee sort of disappears.” Rating: 2/5 Skånisar

Emma: “Hmm, it sort of tastes like a coffee cocktail. And it contains extreme amounts of milk compared to coffee. But I like coffee cocktails, so it tastes quite good.” Rating: 2,5/5 Skånisar

Vicki: “It tastes a bit like coffee ice cream, and it’s a bit too sweet. Especially for this time of day.. (the tasting was during brunch) As a coffee drink, it gets 1/5 Skånisar, but as just a drink it gets 4/5 Skånisar, so the final rating is somewhere in the middle.Rating: 2/5 Skånisar

Löfbergs ICE Espresso + Milk

Theo: “It looks like it contains a lot more coffee, which is good. It tastes a lot more like coffee too, it has more of a stingRating: 3/5 Skånisar

Emma: “It really tastes like coffee ice cream, but I like that and I like thisRating: 4/5 Skånisar

Vicki: “It has a lot more coffee than the last one, this starts well. It definitely tastes like coffee ice cream, would buy againRating: 4/5 Skånisar

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato

Theo: “This is caramel sauce. If you drink this thinking it is coffee, you get a wrong taste of what coffee really is. It feels a bit radioactive, a flashback to when we tasted energy drinksRating: 1/5 Skånisar

Emma: “Nope. This is just caramel sauce. It might be good if you want to learn to drink coffee, as a gateway coffee drinkRating 1/5 Skånisar

Vicki: “It looks and tastes like a liquid dessert. It actually says “milk drink with coffee”, so it barely contains coffee at all. It smells sort of poisonous” Rating: 1/5 Skånisar

Oatly Mocha Latte

Theo: “The colour and texture is on fleek, but it doesn’t taste that much. It is sort of good anyhowRating: 4/5 Skånisar

Emma: “It just tastes like normal Oatly chocolate milk with a hint of coffee, and I don’t really like mochaRating: 3/5 Skånisar

Vicki: “It looks really good, but I can’t really decide whether it tastes good or not. It doesn’t really taste that much, but I think that is a good thing. The others were so sweet and milky and a few sips were enough, but this I can drink quite a lot of.Rating: 4,5/5 Skånisar

Well, the winner of this difficult test with a highly qualified test panel is:

Oatly Mocha Latte

The editorial team wishes you the best of luck with your studying, and hope this little test will help you finding the best possible pick-me-up when spending late nights at EC!

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