Lundtan meets: KICC

Hanna Elmteg – project leader – and Simona Rosi – events coordinator – are part of the KICC committee (KMPG International Case Competition). Lundtan talked to them to learn about what is new for this year’s competition.


Hello, Hanna and Simona! What is KICC?


KICC is the world’s largest case competition for business and economy students. It takes place in about 50 countries worldwide. We arrange both the local and national competition that will both be held here in Lund. I (Hanna) choose, together with Ulf Ramberg from EHL, all the cases for the local competitions around the country. The winner of the national competition will represent Sweden in the global final. This year it will be held in Buenos Aires, one more reason to apply!


Is there anything special about the competition this year?


Yes! Previous years, KICC has been a competition solely for students pursuing their master’s degree. This time it’s the reverse and it is only bachelor students who are eligible. So this is a unique first-time opportunity if you are in the first three years of your studies.


When will all this take place?


October 2nd we will have a case solving night called Ace The Case here at Ekonomihögskolan. It is a good opportunity to get a grip on what cases are and how to solve them. It is first come, first serve for that occasion, so don’t wait too long! Then the local competition will be held on the 7th of November (pre-event the night of 5th of November), and the national finals the 5-7th of December. Deadline to apply is 27/9 for Ace The Case and 21/10 for the local competition.


Who should apply for this?


Anyone who likes and dares to challenge themselves! You will also meet lots of enterprise people and train yourself in working with groups. Then when you apply for jobs after graduating today there will be a lot of cases, so it is really good practice!


But this is more than a case-solving competition, right?


But of course! The local competition will finish with a sittning with all the contestants as well as KPMG and other people from the business world. We will there announce the winner who is going to represent Lund nationally. During the national finals, there will be a sittning every night as well as activities in order to get to know each other and learn to work in groups. At the final sittning the national winner will be announced by us. It is also a great opportunity to get in contact with KPMG and enterprise in general. Even if you do not plan to work at KPMG it is always fun to make connections for the future!


Do you have any tips for those applying?


The more you practice the better! It is important to get comfortable and to be able to deliver secure answers. Also, divide up the responsibilities among your group members. Maybe strive for a little diversity in what programs you read, for example, in order to mix your qualities! Just because you need to work together in a group does not mean you have to be alike. Then the overall impression the judges get which consists of the powerpoint and the presentation will determine the result. Last year’s winners had this strategy where the person feeling most confident to answer the question from a judge in the group placed their foot forward to signal to the other group members. It is the details that matter! Finally do not take it too seriously, it is, after all, an exercise.


I have heard you are looking for staff members at KICC! Why should one apply?


It is a great opportunity to get to know other students, professionals as well as LundaEkonomerna itself and you get the experience of what it is like to be part of a committee in the career leg. It is pretty rewarding since it does not take that much effort but at the same time is really fun. You meet so many interesting people!


Sounds interesting to you? Go to to learn more and contact Hanna if you have any questions


Walter Behrman

Editor-in-chief of Nådiga Lundtan, Fall 2018

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