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Today is your last chance to apply for Sexmästeriet and the positions of Vice Bar and Vice Hovmästare. But what is it actually like to be part of the committee? I spoke to Elias Sovré, the current barmästare of Sexet about his time in what might be LundaEkonomernas most festive committee.

Hi Elias! Tell us a bit about yourself and the positions of Bar and Hov. How much experience do you need to have to apply?
Hi Demet! Super nice to talk to you! My name is Elias and I am currently studying my third term at the Bachelor in Business and Economics here at LUSEM. I had no former experience when I applied for Sexet. You learn with time! That is after all a major part of what the vice positions entail. For my position I think the most important characteristics are to be open and unafraid of speaking your mind. You will need to make judgement calls, and therefore the last one is especially important. In Tor’s case (the current Hovmästare) , handling having many irons in the fire and being able to take on a leader role is essential. What is the most vital however is not your former experience, rather your personality and your attitude towards the learning process. The crucial part is being eager to learn, the rest will come along!

Describe a normal day working for Sexet!
Me and my vice Anas start off the day with picking up a rented car and purchasing the necessary beverages and snacks for the sitting. During the day we prepare the bar and during the sitting we make sure everything beverage related reaches the tables as effectively as possible. In this process, we try to be as calm as we can. The best part is the energy all the “hjältar” and the committee give each other! Even if we work long hours, I am so happy about the fact that we have a welcoming climate that makes everyone feel included in the process and energetic about the sitting we have in front of us!

What was your personal reason for choosing to apply for Sexet?
To be fair, I was not quite sure what to expect. The aspect of meeting new people intrigued me! And now after one year, I am super happy I took the opportunity. You meet both people that have been very involved in the union in the past, as well as new students that often have an international background, which is a lot of fun! I also want to highlight the familiar climate. Sexet can be perceived as quite a tight committee, which is true. We consist of six people that work very closely together, and doing activities outside of the traditional sitting environment is vital for us in being able to work more efficicently when it actually comes down to it.

Now, one year later: What has been the best thing about having been a part of Sexmästeriet?
The sense of belonging! Even if everyone in Sexet is very different personality wise, we see that as a strength rather than a weakness! Axel is for instance more direct than me, I consider myself to be more of a mediator. However, at the end of the day, this leads to everyone coming with valuable inputs that contributes to us seeing the bigger picture! On a personal level, I have learnt so much about myself, especially in the process of problem solving!

Do you have any tips for an applicant?
Be yourself during the interview! Describe why you are the perfect fit for the position, and arrive with an open and curious mindset! Having an ambition of making the union a more fun place is important! And above all, don’t worry about not having any former experience! There is no typical “Sexet” person, so stay true to yourself and answer as honestly as you can!

If you would describe Sexmästeriet to someone that does not know about you, what would you say?
Sexet arrange sittings by LundaEkonomer, for LundaEkonomer. We are a group of people that arrange LundaEkonomernas sittings and have a lot of fun in the process! Being a part of Sexet means taking part in a period where you meet a lot of new people and learn a lot about arranging events! Everyone is welcome to be a “hjälte”, no matter your previous experience in the union!

What do you want to say to someone sitting out there thinking about applying for your position?
GO for it and don’t look back!




Demet Olgaç


The Editor-in-Chief of Nådiga Lundtan, Spring 2018

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