Love at first sight?

The time has finally come for the last episode of the Swedish version of the TV success series Bachelor. Eight weeks have gone by and we have had the chance to follow two Bachelors on their journey to find their soulmates.

For those of you who have never seen a single episode of Bachelor Sverige: The story is about two handsome men who want to get married. About twenty girls fly to Rhodes and move into a big house together for the next couple of months. During this time they get the opportunity to date both of the Bachelors and every fourth day they all dress up and have something called a rose ceremony. The one girl that doesn’t get a rose by the Bachelors at the end of the ceremony has to go back home to Sweden.

In short, the Bachelors choose their dream girl by going through a whole Lucia train of women with favorable appearance and winning personalities. It is up to the men to choose among them, date them and often times make out with them to see if they have what it takes. The Bachelor is a set up for competition and the viewers see all their prejudices about how women behave in a group come true. Friendly on the outside. Under the surface, however, deceptive. Which has to be accepted as they stay in a house with twenty other girls that compete for the same Bachelors. Moreover, they don’t get to have their phone with them, they can’t watch any TV or listen to music, and they don’t even know what time it is or when they will go on a date again.

But I can’t stop wondering why someone would apply to be in a TV program like this? I understand that you want to meet the love of your life, but is it possible to fall in love during such a short time, especially under these circumstances?

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