Late night food review: Part 1 (Challes)

It is a regular Thursday night in Lund, almost 01:30, and my legs have gotten weary from dancing at Casa. Just like me, everyone at Casa is enrolled at the university, and I hope they have been good students and done their work before heading out for the night. As for myself, my head is spinning from all the equations. I grab my coat from the wardrobe and make my way over to Challes. It makes sense to start the series here as it is the closest of the selected businesses in relation to where I live. I am aware that most of you choose your late night food based on location, I mean who wouldn’t? But this series is focusing on the atmosphere, the services, and most importantly on the food.

I enter the well visited store/restaurant at 01:32. I say store/restaurant, because it is probably the only place in Lund where you can buy a freshly baked pizza or eggs and milk after 23. It is fair to say that I am far from alone here, other students are eagerly waiting for their food at the counter. Most of them look fairly tired, but I can recognize most of them from Casa, so I can only assume their fatigued looks are related to studying. One of them seems to be so tired from his studies that he has decided that the floor was a good resting place until his pizza is done. I order my capricciosa with every sauce and wait outside with some friends.

I think Challes have two really strong selling points. One is that the pizzas are very good. Keep in mind that I am comparing the food to the other restaurants, not only pizza in general. The other selling point is the availability of other goods. They have chips, milk, “mixers”, eggs and so on. This is a huge plus and it probably increases their score by a whole point. I am however disappointed in the lack of a fryer, which means no french fries, fried halloumi or freshly fried falafel. The overall experience is positive, I like the atmosphere, the workers and most importantly, the food is really good.


Grade: I choose to give Challes 4 out of 5 Skånisar


William Elmlund

Reporter at Nådiga Lundtan, VT 2018-HT 2018

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