Late night food review 4: Lundafalafel

After a late night out dancing at Casanova, my legs has gotten tired. In order to make my way home (I live on the western side of the railway) I pass by Stortorget, and what could be better than making another late night food review and visiting Lundafalafel? Well, I took the opportunity and paid Lundafalafel a visit.

Lundafalafel is a small ‘’hole in the wall’’ located on Stora Södergatan, located very close to Stortorget, and among the more famous fast food joints in the city. The best way to recognize it is by the black awning right above it, where it stands ‘’LUNDAFALAFEL’’ with yellow capital letters. One can say it is the nearest thing you come to a fast food institution in Lund, like Mustafas Gemuse Kebab or Curry 36 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. As I do not eat falafel, however, I chose to order a classic kebab roll.

The staff was very friendly and even though there was a line waiting for their food, the service was quick. Just before I have the kebab roll served, the staff heathens it for me. The kebab meat was very good and filled with a lot of taste. Especially in comparison to other places in Lund where I have eaten. The bread was also warm and tasty. The best thing with Lundafalafel in my opinion, however, was the vegetables in the kebab roll, which were all very fresh. Especially the lettuce, which was very crispy was in this case something that was not there just to fill up the roll, but actually something which gave the kebab roll a whole new dimension.

What could be improved? Well, the sauce on the kebab roll was tasty, but there could have been more of it. Additionally, there was no place to sit. Whether you choose to have pickles or not in your roll can for many be a divider, however, I find it tasty. Worth noting is, however, that If you want to sit down with your friends after a long night out, this might not be the most appropriate place to go.

But in general, Lundafalafel will definitely satisfy your needs, not only during the night, but also during the day. As many people speak about Lundafalafel and the high standard, I went there with high expectations. But as the high expectations were met, I was not disappointed, but rather very happy with my visit. Lundafalafel gets 4 Skånisar out of 5.

Malkolm Wester


Editor of Nådiga Lundtan and currently studying the Bachelors program in Business Administration and Economics at LUSEM.

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