Valborg is the last day of winter which makes it great to write that spring is finally here! In just a few days it’s Valborg, a day that symbolizes the spring and light. A day really worth celebrating and has been celebrated in different forms since the Middle Ages.


Valborg is a term you have probably heard since you were a child, but maybe kvalborg and finalborg are words that you heard for the first time as a student here in Lund. Nådiga Lundtan is here to explain the concepts of the different days for you and what fun things you can do these days. So we start this article series by presenting to you – Kvalborg!


So now you know that Valborg is a very old tradition where we welcome the Spring, but what do we really know about Kvalborg? Why do we celebrate this day? The editorial team have done some research to learn more about why you celebrate Kvalborg, but no surprise, we found nothing. So, basically the conclusion is that students have invented this day only for another reason to procrastinate and partying with your friends. And Lund has embraced this with open arms and there are a lot of events arranged for you to kick off the whole Valborgs-weekend.


First off, Västgöta and Halland nations are arranging a big Kvalborg-event together at their common courtyard. They will have a big outside stage, outside bar, two dancefloors and two artists: Familjen and John De Sohn. And the day does not end here, during the night they open up both of their night clubs and have a common party.


Or you can celebrate Kvalborg at Culture Club (Kulturen), located at Tegnersplatsen. There will be an outside lounge and they offer as much as 10 DJs, who will be playing music during both Valborg and Kvalborg. The party starts at 16 and closes at 3 PM. So simply, an 11 hour celebration for Kvalborg.  


If you don’t have gotten any tickets to these events or maybe you don´t wanna be too tired on the morning of Valborg when you probably are heading to Stadsparken, you can gather your friends an have a more chill day and night together. If the weather allows it, bring your friends and some classic kubb to Botaniska trädgården, Stadsparken or any courtyard and hang out in the sun.


Whatever you decide to do, we hope you will have a great Kvalborg.


Photo: Hallands & Västgöta Nation


Josefina Lundh


Reporter for Nådiga Lundtan, Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018

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