KICC 2018 is now taking place!

As of now, the national competition of KPMG International Case Competition is taking place here in Lund! The best case-solving students from Sweden’s top universities has made their way to Scania in order to compete for (not only) eternal glory. Yesterday, I had a chat with Project Leader Hanna Elmteg, Logistics Coordinator Johan Brown and Logistics Adept Erik Sandahl.


How is everything going so far?


‘’It going surprisingly well, we are really happy how everything has turned out. Everyone has done their best and nothing has gone wrong except for some train delays. It is not the first time this thing happens, but everyone is here, everyone is happy, and everyone have just been eating their fantastic lunch. If all the participants are happy, we are happy as well!’’, all three of them says.


As the Logistics Coordinator, Johan, how do you feel about train delays?


‘’KICC survives anything, including train delays!’’


Is there any changes in the competition this year?


‘’So, KPMG Global decided spice up the competition and add an innovating day to the competition. All teams winning the local competition had to send a problem in everyday life to KPMG, with their solution to the issue as well. On the second day of the competition, the contestants will work even more around their specific problem, adding new dimensions to it.’’, Hanna says.


Speaking of changes, this is where the Events Coordinator Simona Rosi join us around the interview table and tells me about the fantastic events for the participants during the national competition of KICC 2018. She says the final sittning will be at a new, amazing venue, which she has seen as challenge in her position within the committee, to spice things up a little bit, and she also adds that all of you readers are welcome to T-bar on friday to celebrate with the contestants!


Why should you go watch the finals of KICC this year?


‘’For inspiration’’ Erik says.

Hanna adds: ‘’The teams that are here at the National final is among the smartest people in Sweden studying business and if you are interested in business and to learn more about case solving, you should see them perform, as you can get tips when it comes to presentation. The whole process is quite complex so if you want to see them do their best, please come and watch. Come cheer for the team from Lund, Caseadillas Consulting group! AND, there is free coffee.’’


What is the price for the winners?


Many of the participants reaching the finals in friday are likely to receive a job offer by KPMG, but you also win eternal glory, and also an paid trip with all expenses included in order to represent Sweden in the national final of KPMG International Case Competition, held in Buenos Aires this spring.


And the last question to you guys, which team are you cheering for?


‘’It would be unethical to cheer for one team’’, Johan says. ‘’But after all, Caseadillas Consulting group is from Lund, and as a fellow Lundensare, I have an idea when it comes to what team to cheer for!’’


Rickard Bäck, student representative at KPMG and Auditor, is very happy with this years national competition of KICC.


‘’The competition this year is going fantastic so far, and the arrangement is even better compared to when I was in the KICC Committee back in 2014!’’


The national finals of KPMG International Case Competition will be held this Friday. Each team will have an hour to present. The first team will present at 13.15, the second team at 14.15, and the third team will present at 15.15. All presentations will be held in Crafoordsalen, so in case you are eager to learn more about case solving, you should definitely go watch it!

In the picture from the left: Elsa Bergendal (Marketing and Staff coordinator), Hanna Elmteg (Project Leader) and Simona Rosi (Events coordinator).


Malkolm Wester

Editor-in-Chief of Nådiga Lundtan, VT 2019

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