It was showtime!

A nervous and excited crowd of novices was gathered in Ljusgården the first day of a week in August. But not just any week – it was time for this semester’s Novice Week. One Novice Week of many before, but this one was going to be an extra something. For the first time the Novice Week was completely held in English, due to the new Bachelor program at LUSEM – BSc International Business – which included a lot of international students from all around the world. I was previously a Business Administration student, but was now going to start the bachelor program in International Business and was therefore eligible to participate in this semester’s Novice Week.

The Novice Week is the beginning of the study time in Lund – a time where all new students can get to know both the city and their classmates. The week happens twice a year in the beginning of a new semester. The Novice Committee and Faddrar works hard to make the weeks a warm welcome to all new students. Sayings and rumours about the Novice Week (or maybe a diligently scrolling through previous week’s Facebook-albums) made the novices expectations high. Certain to say is that these expectations were met with greatness.

The theme for this week was “Showtime”, and of course our teams were following that. I was going to be a Beagle Boy, competing and having fun with Stitches, clowns, carrots and so on.

21731870_10156633817835558_2479958779981417997_oPhoto: Rickard Stenswed & Kristoffer Edin

The week consisted of a great mixture of games and activities. Playday, the fulsittning where we ate a fancy three course dinner consisting of candy and chips, partying at nations and of course closing Skånis. Wearing the same clothes the whole week did not really add up to the feeling of “not so fresh” after dancing, singing and running, so it was kind of nice to dress up to the great finsittning at AF-borgen.

Some things were certain after a week filled with games, competitions and joy – we sure showed how to do it in Sweden. Or, more specifically Lund. After all, we are not Uppsala.

I think I can speak for every novice when I want to thank our lovely faddrar. You did a great work showing us Lund and LundaEkonomerna. A big thank aswell to the Novice Committee and every member helping out to make this week possible. And of course – thanks to all my fellow novices. It has been a pleasure to close Skånis with you!



Sofia Livman

Reporter at Nådiga Lundtan

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