Interview with LE Band

Adrian Schmidt! Tell me about the band, how come you started it?

”Well, it was actually during welcome week at last year’s novice period when Malin Mörk, by that time working with the Social Committee, said they wanted to start a band and needed someone to pull it through. It sounded good to me since I am very interested in music and have been for a long time.”

How has your career in music been?

”I have always been singing, ever since I learned to talk. At the age of eleven, I started singing in musicals and took lessons from a vocal coach. In high school, I started a programme in art education, which focused on music. I have been performing in almost all talent shows in school. Music has constantly been a major part of my life.”

Which instruments do you play?

”Mostly, I sing. But I play the guitar, piano (self-thaught), and tuba.”

At what events have LE Band played?

”We have played at all big events that LundaEkonomerna has hosted so far: Pytten, the Novice Party, the Master’s Ball, LE20, Visboken, and the Winter Ball.”

What kind of songs do you play?

”Pop/Rock. A Sing-a-long friendly repertoar. For the Winter Ball, we had 15 new songs!”

Which stage is the best?

”It has got to be Stora salen at AF-borgen, if the place is full! But Lilla salen is also great. More intimate.”

Who else is a part of the band?

”Malin Norrby – Vocals
Love Löfvin Rosén – Guitar/Bass
Erik Steen – Drums
Fredrik Ekbom – Piano
Marcus Lundström – Guitar
Fredrik Söndegaard – Bass”

How are you recruiting?

We became a committee about a month ago, although, we do not always recruite the same way as other committees. If you are interested, contact me. We try to recruit as broad as possible”

So what is next?

”We are trying to reach out to other people outside of LundaEkonomerna, and we are almost always available to play!”

Thanks! Good luck in the future!

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