Interview with Jesper Sundström – eee

Tell me about eee!

”This year is the 32nd edition of the eee-days – as you might know, significantly older than LundaEkonomerna! It is the largest career fair for business, economics and IT-students in the Nordic region! We host about 80 companies that are coming to EC to meet our 4 000 students.”

What is the main idea of eee?

”The idea is to allow companies the opportunity to meet our students, and we give students a chance to meet the companies they later might want to work with. We bring both groups together.

What will happen during the days?

”During the main event, February 24th-25th, there will be a lot of activities taking place. We will have inspirational lectures, student lounges with free food and merchandise, ongoing 1-on-1 interviews where students apply with their CV to meet company representatives on a more personal level, the so called Career Interviews. We will also have at least one workshop, although, the concept is yet kept secret! This will all happen at the same time as people are mingling and meeting people from many of their favorite companies. The place will be buzzing!

There are a few important things to remember: The companies will be showcasing just one out of two days, so be sure to attend both days to get the full experience. Also, apply for the career interviews and the workshop by submitting your CV and personal letter. More info about where to send it will be posted in time.”

I have heard rumors about other events linked to eee, what can you tell me about that?

”Correct! We want to arrange a few activities before the eee-days to prepare students for meeting companies and also to get them excited for this amazing opportunity.

Firstly, we have the eee-boost which was held last year for the first time. It is an event designed to prepare students for what is ahead. It focuses on how to be your best at the fair. We talk about the layout of a CV, what to do at an interview, what an employer is interested in finding out about you, and many other things.

On Wednesday the 17th before the fair, we will have lectures at EC during daytime, and you will also get the opportunity to try doing career interviews. SEB and PWC will teach you how to do a great performance. Among other things, here you can also buy tickets for Pytten, the banquet after the eee-days. The first evening of the fair, on the 24th, we will have the eeeConnect. It is sort of a mini version of Corporate Challenge. We will have ten companies representing one team each, and about eight students per team. There will not be too much physical activities, but rather solving different exercises in group. The idea is to hang out with company representatives in a more relaxed way.

On the night of the 25th, eee is finished by Pytten, a grand banquet at AF-Borgen with 500 seated guests. There will be an artist performing, sexa and after party, for both company representatives and students. It is similar to a ball but dress code is not white tie. The reason it is called Pytten is because we serve Pytt-i-panna – it is tradition.”

What are you looking forward to the most about the eee-days?

”To welcome all companies and to feel pride over all the great students. It feels nice to be able to offer companies the best students in Sweden. I will enjoy going to lectures, maybe applying for an interview, and finish the whole thing off with Pytten.”

A final advice?

”Keep a look-out for dates and deadlines on our Facebook-page and website, so you do not miss anything. Apply for the career interviews and eeeConnect, there will not be any school lectures or exams during the eee-days so you will have time. Try everything!”

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