Gräddgasquen 2018

The 20th of October, the Social Committee hosted the sittning ‘’Nightmare at AF’’. Just before the sittning, the President of LundaEkonomerna had been kidnapped. And he was not alone. Roughly 30 LundaEkonomer had been kidnapped by our little brother Uppsalaekonomerna (with a revenue only half the size of LundaEkonomerna) in order to attend the one and only ‘’Gräddgasquen’’, a sittning with students from the Student Association at Stockholm School of Economics, Föreningen Ekonomerna from Stockholm University, Uppsalaekonomerna and LundaEkonomerna. Gräddgasquen is a sittning that have been hosted for many years. And why is it actually called ‘’Gräddgasquen’’? Well, the unions attending are the cream, or ‘’gräddan’’ among students studying Business and Economics in Sweden.


Although the weekend officially began on Friday evening, I travelled to Uppsala on the Thursday to do some sightseeing during the day and visit sites such as Carolina Redivia (the University Library), the Uppsala Castle and the Uppsala Cathedral, which of course not is as majestic as the Cathedral in Lund. The night was spent at Stockholms Nation, or as it is commonly known, ‘’Stocken’’, with a few other LundaEkonomer. We had a good time, but it made me feel like going back to the 19th century as they always charge 200kr when buying something in the bar when you pay by card, and they give you back the exchange in cash. I also tried the student pub of Norrlands Nation, called ‘’Orvars’’. Also here the problem with not accepting card was an issue as you need to pay by cash for using the wardrobe. But they had a large variety of beer on tap, even a bit cheaper compared to student pubs in Lund. A large recommendation to Orvars!


On the Friday, it was time to meet UppsalaEkonomerna at their pink Union house called Borgen, located just south-west of the Uppsala Cathedral. At Borgen, we played some games in order to get to know each other, had dinner together, and got to learn a bit more about the content in the Uppsalaekonomerna songbook. After Borgen, we hit Värmlands Nation. The facilities of the nations in Uppsala might be pretty decent, I can admit, although it is a bit disappointing that the nations close at 1am and they do NOT play Stad i ljus! Major point of improvement here, Uppsala!


And on the Saturday, we had a couple of workshops together with Uppsalaekonomerna, in which we exchanged information with each other and learnt more about what things are like in the other union. We started off pretty early, at 10am, but a couple of coffee cups later did the job for me at least. Uppsalaekonomerna offer free coffee at Borgen, which is not that bad! Following the workshops, we all quickly went home and changed our clothes to some more fancy ones, suitable for Gräddgasquen. We went back to Borgen and had a couple of pre-drinks together with UppsalaEkonomerna, and after that, it was finally time for Gräddgasquen! Hosted at Stockholms Nation, a three-course dinner was served, and we all enjoyed the entertainment from the stage unless when shots were fired at LundaEkonomerna, which happened at a regular basis. Already when the toastmasters greeted us all by saying ‘’Dear friends and LundaEkonomer’’ we knew what to expect. Well, as commonly said; ‘’they hate us cause they ain’t us’’. But we all had an absolute blast at Gräddgasquen, enjoyed the company of each other and possibly got a memory for a lifetime!


A large thank you to UppsalaEkonomerna for the weekend. We all look forward to welcome you to the best student city in Sweden for Uggleordern this spring!


Malkolm Wester

Editor-in-Chief of Nådiga Lundtan, VT 2019

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