General Knowledge: Sjön Sjön

Between Helsingkrona Nation and Matteannexet, one can find one of the absolutely most mythical and legendary places at Lund University; Sjön Sjön. LTH students love it almost (yes, only almost) as much at LundaEkonomer loves Skånis and just as Skånis might be the most important place during the Novice period for LundaEkonomerna, Sjön Sjön might very well be what fills that function for students at LTH. One of the main events during the novice period at LTH is the so called ‘’regatta’’, which usually ends up with all LTH novices plunging around in the lake.


Rumours say, however, that not only LTH students go for a swim in Sjön Sjön; a couple of LundaEkonomer has also been seen doing it occasionally from time to time. In the middle of the lake you can find the small inhabited island named ‘’Ön ön’’, which at times is visited by mainland residents, who usually to go to the only building at on the island, a payphone, which often receives a new appearance after the visit.


Why is there even located a lake at LTH? I chose to search for this on the internet, but not much information can be found. I came over the wikipage of the computer science students at LTH, which has not been updated since 2009, but in lack of better sources I choose to place my trust into this one. According to that site, mud had once been transferred from the site at which the lake is located today, in order to build the very first houses at LTH. Someone did, later on, come up with the fantastic idea to fill the hole, once filled with mud, with water. No sights of life have been discovered in the lake, and most probably it will never be discovered either.


Over the course of the last couple of years, vast improvements has been made to the area around the lake. The sundeck on the western shore of the lake is only a couple of years old, for example, which might count as one of the nicer parts of the area. When discussing what can be considered as ‘’nice’’ and what might not be seen as’’ that nice’’ the quality of the water would probably fall in under the second category. Who knows what kinds of acids the latest generations of LTH students have poured into the lake? And if there are any places in Lund where you could find a bike graveyard, the bottom of the lake would not be a bad guess.


Is Sjön Sjön the place in which you should go for a swim? Maybe not. But it is only a couple of weeks until it officially is spring, believe it or not. Last spring offered lots of sun and with that, many great opportunities to take a plunge. But I would prefer going to the one and only Lomma Beach instead of jumping into Sjön Sjön. Keep your eyes open in Lundtan, we might actually release a guide on how to maximize your visit in Lomma. Just a little hint for the future. But if you ask our friends over at LTH where you should go for a swim on a hot day during the spring, the chances are good you might receive a totally different answer than Lomma Beach.


I think you know the answer you will get.


Malkolm Wester

Editor-in-Chief of Nådiga Lundtan, VT 2019

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