Friday evening as a LundaEkonom (A Lund special)

*In a time before local restrictions 15.00 Grand Hotel (Bantorget 1) The afternoon begins at 15.00 at Grand Hotel with an aperitif and some light snack, as the LundaEkonom just finished half through her semester. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? 17.00 at Malmstens Fisk & Kök (Mårtenstorget 1, Lund) The evening continues towards Saluhallen, more…

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*In a time before local restrictions

15.00 Grand Hotel (Bantorget 1)

The afternoon begins at 15.00 at Grand Hotel with an aperitif and some light snack, as the LundaEkonom just finished half through her semester. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?

17.00 at Malmstens Fisk & Kök (Mårtenstorget 1, Lund)

The evening continues towards Saluhallen, more specifically at Malmstens Fisk & Kök. Friday afternoons at Saluhallen is hectic and in top velocity, filled with a mix of rushing students eager to make it to Systemet before their closure and the rather harmonic food lovers browsing for weekend delicacies among the selected food shops. The LundaEkonom is of course aware of Malmstens weekly Friday offer, as she comes here rather often to gorge on oysters. From 15-18 every Friday, the restaurant offers “ostronfrossa”, where they serve oysters 10 SEK per piece. They are served with a sauce of red wine vinegar, red onion and lemon. A glass of sparkling wine highlights the delicious sea flavor and is highly recommended to accompany the oysters.

19.00 at Lenoteket (Kyrkogatan 17, Lund)

After ostronfrossa and a glass of bubbles, the evening heads towards Lundagård, to the newly opened wine bar Lenoteket. The wine bar exudes a warm and welcoming aroma, a contrast from the cold and crispy November air outside. As the LundaEkonom steps inside, she is met with an effervescent mood, people engaged in deep conversations, laughs, and a wonderful smell that reminds her of the streets of Italy. If you are the traveling type and love reminiscing about your adventures over good food and wine, Lenoteket is for you.

On the menu, one can enjoy classic Italian dishes such as risotto, ravioli, burrata, and a cheese platter to share, to mention some. The LundaEkonom orders a glass of Pinot Noir from Switzerland, Domaine de Beduon Pinot Noir, accompanied by a lovely burrata dish. The vibe at Lenoteket is (surprisingly) similar to that of the authentic Italian bars; small, crowded, soft music and solely drop-in, forcing Swedes to adopt and learn from the Italian characteristic of spontaneity. Lenoteket gives off warm, friendly vibes steeped in delicate, Italian nostalgia.

The owners of L´Enoteca (Malmö) and L´Enoteque (Helsinborg), met Maria, the previous owner of lilla caféet på hörnan, through a wine producer. They knew what a great location Maria had, and they all shared the dream of opening Lund’s very first wine bar. Their dreams became a reality this September, when they opened Lenoteket here in Lund. Lenoteket focuses on European wines by the glass, from easy-drinking to the rarest wine you can’t find anywhere else. Drop-in for a glass of wine, some delicious Italian food, and enjoy a little piece of Italy here in Lund.

21.00 at Kyrkogatanfem (Kyrkogatan 5, Lund)

After a delicious glass of Pinot Noir and some burrata cheese at Lenoteket, the LundaEkonom realizes how much she miss living in Rome, surrounded by the welcoming, loving Italian culture. After a trip down memory lane, she ends up just a few meters down the street at Kyrkogatanfem. Here you see, is also a newly opened wine bar. Great minds think alike?

The industrial-chic bar has an aspirational, modern and elegant décor yet is vastly warm and inviting. As the LundaEkonom is embraced by nostalgia, there is no doubt about the choice of wine: Italian. At Kyrkogatanfem, she enjoys a Sicilian red wine, Terre di Giumara Frappato – Nerello Mascalese, with some Sicilian olives, just like the ones she got at the market at Campo de Fiori. The waiter boldly states that they do Sweden’s absolutely best Negronis, an Italian drink made of Gin, bitter and vermouth. The waiter is also one of the owners of the wine bar, Calle, and he tells how he loves to design restaurants, to make them feel warm, international and fresh. He mentions that he has traveled a lot, especially to NYC, a city he describes to hold everything for him. It is clear how his love for NYC is portrayed in the wine bar, with elegant, uncluttered and stylish design, with a touch of the city that never sleeps.

The food at Kyrkogatanfem is based on a no-waste concept, as the food comes from the remains of Calle’s other restaurants MEAT, Klostergatans Vin & Delikatess and Patisseriet. For that reason, the menu changes rather often as they cook what is coming in, hence there is always something new to taste depending on what time of year you are visiting. Their wine list is composed of more modern winemakers than the rather classic wines and very often in small batches so they can change often. Their wines are from all over the world, both traditional wines and natural wines, but still a little more “funny” wines than you see elsewhere, Calle alludes.

The bar gives a nice and warming mood in the strange world as it is right now, and presents a place to meet and laugh, enjoy good wine and food, furthermore, it attracts the city people that want to be spontaneous.

22.30 Mat och Destillat (Kyrkogatan 17)

The Friday continues towards Mat och Destillat, for an after-dinner cocktail. Inside you will find a light, minimalistic and open space, and a bar with a broad selection; the perfect spot for a nightcap. Their classic after-dinner cocktail is a cold coffee drink, espresso martini, with their very own twist of stored rum and punch in the cream. The restaurant has an impressive and seasonal food menu, attentive staff and a good atmosphere, thus a revisit for eating is defiantly on the LundaEkonom’s agenda.

23.30 Stortorget (Stortorget 1)

Located in the heart of Lund, Stortorget has drowned a lot of guests in a time where nations and clubs are being held closed. The bar attracts the festive city people that want to feel alive, mingle over drinks and enjoy what a night out in Lund may offer. The bar is often packed, mostly by young people, with its energetic and hectic vibe. It is the perfect location
for the last stop before heading…

to be continued.

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