Everything you need to know about Musikhjälpen 2018

Next week Musikhjälpen comes to Lund. Lundtan has gathered everything you need to know about Musikhjälpen down below! And one thing is for sure, you do not want to miss this amazing event!

What is Musikhjälpen?

Musikhjälpen is a charity event, taking place in December each year, arranged together with Radiohjälpen, SVT and Sveriges Radio. Three famous people are locked up in a “cage” made of glass, located at a square somewhere in Sweden. From the cage, there will be live broadcasting led by the three celebrities non-stop during 144 hours. This years hosts are Daniel Adams-Ray, Farah Abadi and William Spetz. During the event artists and other well-known people will visit the cage to support the charity theme of the year. You can find the whole schedule for who will visit the cage each day, and what time of the day, at Musikhjälpen’s website.

When and where is Musikhjälpen?

This year the turn has come to Lund to be the host for the eleventh edition of Musikhjälpen. Musikhjälpen 2018 will take place between the 10-16 December and the cage will be placed at Stortorget. Do not forget to swing by and request a song or get a glimpse of some well-known Swedes visiting the cage!

If you want to listen to the live broadcast somewhere else than on Stortorget, it will be broadcasted live at P3. You can also watch it on SVT and SvtPlay.

The theme of Musikhjälpen 2018

Every edition of Musikhjälpen has a theme, a specific human catastrophe that they want to highlight. All of the raised money will be donated to this special cause. This year’s theme is “Alla har rätt att funka olika” (Everyone has the right to function differently). The purpose of the theme is to raise money for people with disabilities all over the world, to make sure they can have a worthy life. People with disabilities more often get isolated, discriminated, and get caught in poverty, since they have more struggles getting an education. Musikhjälpen want to help include these people in society and to make sure they get the support they need.

What can I do?

You can donate money directly to Musikhjälpen through bankgiro, bankcard, SMS or Swish. But you can also start your own fundraising or donate money to someone else’s fundraising. If you visit Musikhjälpen’s website, you can find more information on how to start your own moneybox (Bössa). LundaEkonomerna has also started our own collection for Musikhjälpen (more information at the end of the article).

There will also be auctions, where you will be able to bid on everything under sun. If you want to explore more about what amazing things you can buy while contributing to Musikhjälpen, visit there website!

Photo: Sveriges Radio

You do not want to miss this…

  •   Lucia in Domkyrkan – 13th December 7 AM: There will be a Lucia concert in Domkyrkan in favor of Musikhjälpen’s fundraising. Entrance is free, but you have to collect a free ticket at Domkyrkoforum before the concert.
  •   The storm at Stortorget – 12th of December at 9.30 PM: The students in Lund will gather at Stortorget to perform our beloved dance to the song The Storm to support Musikhjälpen while we show our amazing student culture.
  •   LundaEkonomerna’s own collection – 13th of December 10 AM – 4 PM: LundaEkonomerna has started their own collection for Musikhjälpen 2018. If you want to contribute, swing by outside of Skånis at the 13th of December. There will be “glögg”, coffee and Christmas cookies. LE choir will also sing some Christmas songs at 11 am. Do not miss this opportunity to get into real Christmas feeling, while doing something good for those in need! Take a look at the event at Facebook: “LE Christmas for Musikhjälpen”

Want to know more about Musikhjälpen 2018? Or want to make a donation? Visit their website: https://sverigesradio.se/musikhjalpen

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