Ever heard of the LE Consulting Club?

Like many others, you probably started studying at LUSEM without knowing what you wanted to do afterwards. Personally, I always dreamt of being an elite athlete, but you know the story, without injuries, I would be representing Sweden by now!! Dreams and cliches aside, lets circle back to the topic of this article: your career.

Moving to Lund, I got engaged in LUSEM’s student union thanks to the eee-days 2020. Doing so, I got exposed to tons of different companies and career paths, which made me think: What do I want to do after finishing my studies? 

Soon, I realized that consulting sounded like something for me, because you have the opportunity to solve stimulating problems, work in a varying environment, and enroll on a steep learning curve. I investigated the industry but quickly faced a jungle of information and ambiguity. Not knowing where to go or whom to talk with was frustrating. Questions that trickled my mind were: How do you write your resume? What is a case interview? How do I learn case-solving? Fast forward a few months to the point where my dear friend Anton, experiencing similar issues, and I got an idea. What if we could provide the students at LUSEM with what we had been missing? A community where students can learn both from and with each other.

Consequently, LE Consulting Club (LECC) was born. Our mission is to provide a peer-learning community that enables students to investigate different career paths and prepare for those. Instead of attending intimidating corporate events or trying to find your way through the information overload, we students can learn from each other. Now, you might wonder – How the heck does this work?

In recent years, case interviews have become the norm for many companies, not only consultancies. Therefore, case nights are LE Consulting Club’s main activity. These nights occur every other Tuesday and are a fantastic learning experience! On these nights, you work together with a friend to solve a business case before we propose a solution to discuss with the whole group.

Topics for the cases vary but the structure always stays the same. First, LECC explains how such a case might look and give some tips and tricks for solving them. Second, the case is posted on LECC’s Facebook group before you proceed to solve it with a partner, by yourself, or with someone from LECC – depending on your preferences! What is unique with cases is that there is no single solution to a case, meaning that you define how deep you want to analyze the problem. Lastly, LECC ends the case night by explaining a proposed solution to one of the cases, offering a different perspective on how to solve the case. This raises the question: Who is LECC for? The answer is everyone; first-time casers, second-time casers, or someone with 100+ hours practicing cases, literally everyone interested in becoming a better problem solver!

Besides the case nights, LE Consulting Club also provides databases with material on CV and Cover Letter writing, practice versions for logical, verbal, and quantitative tests as well as an informal community where you can meet like-minded people and share ideas about how to prepare for your career.

So, come join us on our journey and take a step towards cracking your career!

We have a Facebook group called LE Consulting Club, where you find lots of information. LECC is also active on Instagram under leconsultingclub.le and you reach us at lecc@lundaekonomerna.se if you have any questions!

Hope to see you at our next event!

Teo Lindroth – Project Leader of LE Consulting Club

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