Education Committee is recruiting – take the chance to make a change AND have a great time doing so

Being an active member in Lundaekonomerna has for sure been the best part of my first time here in Lund. I have met incredible people and all the social activities have been a blast – especially Vinterbalen a few weeks ago. A lot of new committees are recruiting to fill up the positions for the upcoming semester, and I have had the honor to interview Ellinor and Alba from the Education committee. 

Ellinor and Alba started their Bachelor programs this year. Ellinor is studying her first semester in the Ekonomiekandidat program and Alba her first semester in Economy and Society. After a lovely Novish week, they felt like they wanted to be part of Lundaekonomerna, and decided to apply for two positions in the Education committee. 

– We are both working in Education as communications coordinators. 

Our main responsibility is to make content and handle the marketing of the committee, Ellinor says. 

– It’s a very fun position since we get to be creative, with our Instagram for instance, Alba continues.

Ellinor explains further that Education committee is working towards improving our education at LUSEM, and they have frequent contact with the teachers and the school. 

– I feel like a lot of the students at LUSEM don’t exactly know what we are doing. They think that we only are the boring ones with the forms at Speak up days haha. However, that’s not entirely true. We are the link between the students and the teachers and are involved in many interesting projects. For example, more studyplaces at Learning Hub and 24/7 access to our buildings are a result of our committee’s work.

Education meets up once a week where they discuss different topics related to the committee’s work. Nonetheless, there are a lot of fun things happening too – both with the committee and with Lundaekonomerna. 

– We have a nice kick-off at the beginning of each semester where we go to a secret location, get to know each other and party. Often we also have pre-party’s with the committee before the various events and banquets during the semester, Alba says. 

– It’s a lot of fun since we are a big committee with great cohesion. We are 18 members with different nationalities, backgrounds, and personalities but we get along very well, Ellinor adds. 

Being an active member, you also get to attend exclusive events hosted by Vieriet, for example, Active members day. But let’s not forget the notorious Vinterbalen, or the fantastic Astrogala in the spring. 

– Active members day was so much fun, we had some activities during the day and a fantastic Gossip Girl themed banquet at a secret location in the evening. 

– Vinterbalen was amazing as well, it was truly a night to remember!

Now, this year is coming to an end and the Education Committee is looking for new and fantastic Lundaekonomer for some of the positions. Alba and Ellinor encourage everyone to apply. 

– If you are thinking about applying for something to become an active member, I really think you should do it, and join us of course! I have learned so much, especially when it comes to meetings with the teachers, discussions, and so on.

– Yes I agree, it’s a great experience, a nice thing to have on your resumé as well as it’s so much fun being part of the active members of Lundaekonomerna. You will not regret it!

If you think that Education Committee might be something for you, applications open during week 3. Meanwhile, check out Education on Instagram @educationcommittee.le or at Lundaekonomernas website.

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