Editorial #132

It’s been ten months since I was in the General Council of Lun- daEkonomerna, trying to explain why I would suit as editor-in- chief of Nådiga Lundtan. My strongest argument was change. Lundtan was a great magazine but I saw huge potential for

improvement. The General Council bought by arguments and here I am. But as the semesters pass and you have not only school, but also an extra work, honors track, an ambition to attend all social events and also be the editor of a magazine, you realize that there is not much time left to make those ambitious changes. Although, I believe that we have made a couple of significant changes.

Lundtan is as old as LundaEkonomerna and has ever since been published in paper. Last year however, we launched our completely own web magazine as well (check it out on lundtan.lundaekonomerna.se!!). That I think is a major milestone, which is also the theme of

this issue. Another one is that we have recruited two completely new reporters whom I am certain will make an amazing job for our magazine. And perhaps most importantly, we’ve created an Instagram-account (follow us at @lundtan.le)! With all this, I want to encourage you to not turn opportunities down in life, great change will happen either way. I wish you all a pleasant reading moment as the winter changes into spring.

Malkolm Wester


Editor of Nådiga Lundtan and currently studying the Bachelors program in Business Administration and Economics at LUSEM.

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