Editorial #131

Dear readers, Virginia Woolf believed that emotion cannot be fully developed in the moment, rather, only be truly felt by remembrance. Perhaps that is why, while we firmly exist in the present, we have a tendency to live in the past, feeding on memory and experience to inform our future. Literature in particular has all to do with memory. It is no coincidence that so much of fiction is written in the past tense, as if these stories are not being made up at all, but recounted from some unconscious, collective human experience.

In nonfiction, the word “memoir” is derived from the French and Latin words for “memory,” and poetry is often reflective on things past even when it looks towards things that are yet to come. But why is literature so tied to memory? What compels us to share stories? What value does it add to the human experience? As Mark Twain said, “A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.” The implication is that our consciences are not clear, and our memories both inform and help to soothe that sometimes difficult reality. Without memory, we would not be able to learn, to create, to grow, and most importantly; to love.

Ah, what precious memories I have made from the privilege of partaking in the making of Nådiga Lundtan the past year! Since this is the last issue both for the semester and for me as Editor-in-Chief, I cannot help but grow a bit sentimental thinking about all the brilliant work our writers have put in, laughing deadlines away and sharing beds at Skånis — quite literally — ending the year with appropriate drama as we finally had to do what we’ve always been joking about to make time. The torch is now passed once more, this time to Hanna Rasmusson. I am confident that she will do an extraordinary job, already proving herself a fantastic Editor.

Now, the gift you’re about to unwrap is all wrapped up in Ambition, one of the most intriguing themes there is, I you ask me. I can’t stop trying to figure out what goes into creating that fire and why certain people burn with it while others seem utterly undisturbed by such forces, and then the culmination of it all. If you’re the same, this issue will be illuminating.

With this pretty little gift, we hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your holidays and that the siren call of the bench feels welcoming.

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