Editorial #127

Growing up in a family where customer value has been of great importance, since both my parents have been running their own businesses for as long as I can remember, and my older brother being an entreprenurial brainiac who studied at the Chalmers school of Entrepreneurship. Whenever our family is gathered, the main discussions around the dinner table are always based on a new idea that one of us have.

It is a difficult thing in today’s world to be, or should I say stay, creative and use your imagination. Society has dug its claws into our brains, explaining to us how we should live, think, and apprehend the world around us. We often laugh at people with new ideas, and think they are crazy for believing in changing something that is so incredibly certain to us. Just as the world laughed at Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, now who is laughing?

Some people think that creativity is something one is born with, and if you do not have it in you, then there is nothing to do about it. This is absolute bullcrap. Creative thinking is something you can train, all you have to do is to simply acknowledge the fact that anything is possible and be utterly certain that the evolution of our world is not absolute, but is in constant change and you have the power to be a part of that change by just believing.

The goal with this issue is to motivate the reader to creative thinking. My best advice is for you to brainstorm and write down ten different ideas everyday for a year, and by the end of that year you will have 3600 new ideas. By just doing this you are keeping your creative thinking up and running all the time, everyday, and you will start to notice solutions to problems you had no idea existed

– semper ad meliora!

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