Editorial #126

Taking over after Axel, the previous editor in chief, has been, not to say the least, a great challenge. Although I was prepared to have a lot more to do, trying to balance my schoolwork and Lundtan has been rather tough. Those of you who have studied NEK B are probably familiar with the state of anxiety that intermediate microeconomics brings, annihilating every source of joy within your soul. Hopefully, that did not make me sound too cynical, I actually enjoy life (kind of).

However, working with Lundtan has brought me joy in these rather dark times, and it has been very exciting working with this first issue.

In this issue we are bringing awareness to the environment, with the topic of environment and energy. I do not think environmental awareness has slipped by unnoticed by anyone, even Leonardo DiCaprio, when he won his first ever academy award (I still can not believe that actually happened), talked about it. Pollution has become such a great problem in the world throughout the years, perhaps much bigger than we can actually imagine, bringing down and tearing apart our ecosystems, and I believe it is important to talk about it as much as possible. What inspired me to use this topic was when I came across a news clip from Rio. It showed the preparations for the olympic games, explaining how a drop of water from the ocean, where sail racing will be held, has around 90 % chance of carrying hepatitis C, not really worth it for a gold medal one may say.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as me, and the editorial staff, enjoyed making it!

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