Does love conquer all and should we want it to?

Love conquers all — Isn’t that something we all want to believe? With Valentine’s around the corner it got me thinking how strong is love? Could love conquer all? But more importantly should we want it to? And also, what does it mean, that you eventually will end up together? Is that always ideal? Don’t get me wrong. Fighting for love is beautiful and often necessary, relationships require work. But where do we draw the line? How much should we try to conquer just because we are in love?

What I mean is that to make a relationship work there are multiple factors to take into account. For example there are situations where love is super strong, but it still won’t work out because of things like bad timing or long distance. I wonder if fighting those circumstances and hoping that love will conquer, always is the best thing to do? I’m not convinced, I believe that in some of those cases you might just have to let go, because fighting it will cause more pain than happiness. I think somewhere we’ll have to accept that everything has its own time and now isn’t it.

Furthermore I’ve experienced that especially when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time you could get so caught up in the very thought of love conquering all, that in some cases, you miss the obvious fact that love might have faded. Am I still in love? I can only speak for myself, but that can be something very hard to figure out and scary to think about. In those kinds of situations I feel like we’re convinced love will conquer and so we stay because of the security and safeness. However, should we settle for that? At our young age, are we there already? I mean there are no guarantees.

In the examples above I’m questioning whether we should idealize fighting for love in order to get together in the end. However I believe there are other ways for love to “win” as well. There is a very famous saying that goes “If you love someone, let them go”. This also makes me wonder if endless fighting for your love always is the answer. That quote shows another way of letting love conquer — by letting go. That might be the biggest act of love there is, since it could be so selfless. I’m thinking it could be letting someone you in fact don’t want to leave, go, because you’ve realized that the person will be better off without you. To sacrifice your own feelings like that requires a lot of love. On the other hand it could also mean letting yourself go, because you might be the one better off and then the love you have for yourself is the strongest.

So, with all this being said, does it mean that love always conquers? I’d say that it’s possible, but maybe not in the way we first thought. Should we want love to conquer? I’d say it depends. Just don’t get caught up in a thought of how things are supposed to work out. We cannot control love, but we can try to make the best out of it.

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