Communications Manager Column #133

For most of us, our decision to move to Lund has begun as an uncertain relationship with a total stranger. For a lot of people it is the first large step into the grown up world and the fact that you’ll have to experience the uncertainty of only having yourself to answer to can be scary.

It is indeed a life changing decision to move to Lund and particularly to be a student at Lund University.

An interesting question however is why such an impressive amount of people chose to begin a relationship with Lund, as their stranger.

I don’t have the exact answer but I believe I know one of the reasons for it, and it is spelled Studentlund.

Lund is truly characterized by it’s vibrant student
life and we know as a fact that this is one of the most important reasons why so many students choose Lund University. It is what distinguishes us from the rest of Sweden.

The indescribable sense of inclusiveness, engagement, room for personal development and the range of various activities is something very unique and precious.

The student life encourages us to be ourselves, that it is okay to be different and that there is a place for everyone. It mitigates the uncertainty and the scariness of for the first time being “on our own”. Studentlund is a collaboration and a membership that gives the students access to a social community with endless of opportunities, that allows you to both give and take.

I would like to compare the student life to the magical world that opens behind the wardrobe in Narnia. Once you’ve entered, the first steps are often a bit scary and characterized by uncertainty and curiosity. But once you’ve acclimatized and formed an understanding, you would do anything in your power to contribute, improve and take part of the precious and unique relationship with the best student city in the world, Lund. We’ve all fell in love with the stranger

Lund, and we’ve all entered what will be one of the 
best relationships we’ve ever had.

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