• The Art of the Smashed Burger: A Guide to Perfection

    Burgers are a beloved classic across the whole world. Among the various burger cooking techniques, the smashed burger method has gained significant popularity for its ability to create a perfectly crispy, flavorful patty. In this essay, we will dive into the step-by-step process of crafting a mouthwatering smashed burger, exploring the ingredients, equipment, and techniques […]

  • Fast and easy salsiccia-pasta

    Salsiccia is a popular type of Italian sausage that has been enjoyed for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to Southern Italy, where it was traditionally made with pork and flavored with fennel seeds and other spices. The word “salsiccia” comes from the Latin words “salsus” and “siccus,” which mean “salted” and “dry,” respectively, […]

  • Perfect dinner for big social gatherings

    Having many people over for dinner is always enjoyable and fun, but it can be quite challenging when living in a student apartment. Often, the accommodation is small, the budget is slim and there’s a shortage of plates and glasses, which can challenge the possibilities. But these potential problems should not restrain us, and therefore […]

  • “Guide pour les pauvres” – A complete guide to Lund’s cuisine (on a slim budget)

    Are you new to Lund? Great. This article is first and foremost meant for you. First of all, congrats on being accepted to, in my opinion, the best university in Sweden. Secondly, when coming to a new city, trying out the local cuisine is a great way to get to know it. And let me […]

  • Bolognese or köttfärssås?

    Another request from a talented athlete, Edvin. When he saw my post on Instagram, he asked for the difference in my opinion between bolognese and köttfärssås. As some would say, it’s the same thing. But my perspective is that the two are very different for me and others who do a lot of cooking. The […]

  • Two new additions in Lund

    As we all know Lund isn’t known for its big streets, many boutiques and wide range of restaurants. Rather the opposite. Even if bigger cities are more eventful I think most of us can agree that smaller cities have a charm. To always go to the same places, running into acquaintances on the street, being […]

  • How to make a grandmother-style hotpot as a student

    Most of us can relate to when we go home to our parents or visit our grandparents, their food often is much better than our own. Both the recipes and the way they cook it. Some dishes are easier to cook and recreate than others, for example, pasta dishes or just simple tacos (Delicious tho). […]

  • How to make the perfect pancakes, customized for your desire

    As our needs and wants, pancakes come in different shapes and forms. Even though pancakes are often deemed as a treat-yourself food or unhealthy, they don’t have to be. In this article, I will go through several ways to make perfect pancakes for your desires. Before I go through the protein pancake (Request from Edvin […]

  • Carbonara – The dish we students love but mess up, including Gordon Ramsay

    Carbonara, we all know and recognize this Italian pasta. The history behind it is quite unclear since there is no official record of the name carbonara before WW2, but the dish itself is recorded back to the 18th century. Some say it comes from WW2, some say it originates from coal miners, and some say […]

  • Cheap and fast food – at home

    The end of May can be a tough period. You only get half the CSN, and you have no spare time due to hectic last minute “tentaplugg”. With that in mind, it may not seem like the perfect time to cook food. But beware: Lundtan is here to prove you wrong, with three fast and […]