Brunching on a budget

If there is something I absolutely love it would be brunches, because honestly, is there anything better than breakfast and lunch mashed together for us extremely indecisive people? The only thing I can think of is combining brunches and a rumbling stomach with a slim student budget. That is why I have taken it upon myself to provide the rest of the food loving students here in Lund with tips and knowledge from my hunt for the perfect, cheap and delicious student brunch.

It was one of those incredibly sunny spring days when I went on a stroll to Lunds nation. I took the old, rather scary elevator up to the top floor where I was greeted with a sufficient sized buffet that for sure would not have me leaving hungry.

Lund nations Saturday brunch, also known as “Brunch Emma”, has a large variety of scones, bread with both sweet and savory condiments followed by the classics, scrambled eggs and bacon. Adding even more to it, they also have the loveliest pizza rolls I have ever encountered. If you are not a salt lover like me, there are some sweet options like yoghurt, granola and cake for dessert.

Leaving the best for last, “Brunch Emma” is located on the top floor in the building of Lund’s nations, which provides you with probably the best view in the city and also the possibility of enjoying your brunch outside on the roof terrace.


+The view and the fact that you can eat outside (and of course the pizza buns too)

In conclusion, great pizza buns and astonishing views gives Brunch Emma 5/5 Skånisar.


Emma Olsson

Editor of Nådiga Lundtan HT19

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