Breakfast club with Anitha Schulman

Social media is a part of our everyday life, we use it several times each day and it leaves an impact on all of us. The past years there has been a global evolution of the social media and is probably the most important platform for both companies and individuals today. On Wednesday the 8th November, Corporate Relations Committee gave LUSEM students a chance to listen to Anitha Schulman, an expert on social media, while grabbing some breakfast. And I was lucky to get a spot.

Anitha Schulman has one of Sweden’s biggest blogs and her Instagram account has over 77 thousand followers, so you can really say that she knows social media – both the up and downsides that comes with it. To be a public person on social media takes courage. You will get negative comments, opinions about yourself and your statements but you also get a lot of positive feedback. During the hour Anitha talked about her history on social media, how it affects us and what is good to have on your mind while using these platforms.

Anitha started her blog as a platform where she used to state her opinion. She followed the debates in society and published her own opinions in the matter. Although, she later changed her mind and her type of blogposts because she felt that she was under attack. People commented and questioned her all the time, something she saw as one of the biggest downsides with social media.

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The lecture then continued to the platform Instagram and how much we are influenced by the posts and the people we follow. She said that you could compare Instagram with a news flow, since there are always similar pictures that are posted around the same time depending what the trend is. And it tells us how the world is and how we are supposed to be. To show how Instagram, and all social media, influence us and how it is the biggest platform today the lecture continued into a workshop. The audience were asked to pitch a purse or a bag for advertising on social media. There were many suggestions such as use an influencer to show how they use it in their own ordinary lives, create a mystery around the product and create a hype before the bag is released. But the final implication was that it must be adapted to the trends in society. That made the conclusion that today, especially after the metoo-campaign, the trendto focus on women. She brought up examples how technology companies recently have released products more focused and designed with women as target audience to increase their sales.

Later, she told us some things that is important to think about when you are active on social media. Picture posted on Instagram and on blogs is rarely the whole truth. On her Instagram for example the posts are often polished, and not always realistic. She uses the story function to post more relaxed and reality posts, closer to the true story. You choose what you post and if you post something provocative expect to get reactions and negative response. Then it is important to be able to shake it off and don’t take it so personal, otherwise you should not post that kind of content. Afterwards, we were able to ask her questions and a question was to get some tips if you want to create an Instagram account. Her reply was that one of the most important things is to be yourself when creating your personal brand. Do not create a picture of yourself that you cannot live up to. The lecture ended with Anitha Schulman taking a selfie with all of us for her Instagram, a very suitable way to end the hour.



Erika Larsson


Reporter for Nådiga Lundtan, Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018

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