Best study spots in Lund

Are you a student, lost in the city of possibilities, searching for the perfect location to settle down and open this term’s books? There are many study places around the city center that don’t require you to walk or bike up to EC. Let me guide you through some of them!


The city library is located near Lund central station. The light entry and the high ceiling gives an airy impression where all thoughts are allowed to take their space and bloom. High above the books, after climbing the stairs in one of the corners of the library, you find the silent area of Stadsbiblioteket. This cozy deck, where the air drizzles of hard work, is a personal favorite.

Martas Cafe – also in stadsbiblioteket

Craving some coffee or a snack? Martas Cafe is located on the corner of Stadsbiblioteket. Here you can go for a pretty cheap café with “påtår” (refill) and maybe something sweet to keep your energy up while reading those chapters you should have read last week… This is also a popular place for students to bring their books or essays and study with friends. Unlike most cafes in Lund, it doesn’t have the typical “crowded and cozy” vibe. But nothing wrong with that – sometimes a bit of space is exactly what you need! 

Piratensalen, Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel and Piratensalen has become popular amongst students. Jazzy music in the background and comfortable chairs make me want to stay forever. A coffee costs 45 sek and you get that coffee as well as a great study spot in return.

Universitetsbiblioteket aka Hogwarts 

Universitetsbiblioteket would be the best place for playing hide and seek. Endless hallways, stairs and shelves make you want to explore the historic building and what it has to offer. A favorite place of mine is the silent room in the picture below. Is this Hogwarts or what?! 


If you, like me, appreciate the concept of silent rooms, Juridicum won’t be a disappointment. It is located in the city center and offers a big silent reading room. However it is usually pretty crowded, so try to be there early. Juridicum is open between 8am to 8pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends, so don’t hesitate to walk in the next time you are in the city.

© Juridiska Fakulteten

To summarize, I strongly recommend leaving your dorm or apartment to catch some air and focus in a different environment. Luckily Lunds city center is full of places to study. These are just some of my favorites and hopefully make your search for a study place a bit easier!

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