Best Daytrips in Skåne

What exists beyond the borders of Lund? As someone from Stockholm, I admit that I did not have a clue when I first arrived at the central station of Lund. It is easy to be consumed by the student life bubble, but sometimes, we have a weekend off from all the festivities and schoolwork. What should we do on a boring weekend like that? No matter how wonderful it is to sunbathe in Lomma or have a picnic in the Botanical Garden, I have now learned that Skåne has so much more to offer! Here are the best spots in Skåne to visit on a day off this spring. If you are from Skåne, I hope I will inspire you to visit these places again, and if you are not, I can assure you, you will be amazed.

  1. Ale Stenar 

This must be one of the most beautiful place in Skåne and it has a fascinating history. In the early iron age, 59 stones were placed in form of a ship. Until today it is still unclear how the stones got there and what their purpose was. Therefore, Ale Stenar sometimes goes by the name “The Swedish Hedge Stones”. The landscape is dramatic as well as romantic, and you will be captivated by the view and maybe even shed a tear. After you have admired the view and the monument, you can enjoy dinner or lunch by the water at the restaurant Kåseberga Fisk. Unfortunately, the journey is long, and I recommend you go there by car, but I can guarantee you that you will make memories for life. 

  1. Ven

After a short train and ferry ride from Lund, you find a small island in the middle of Öresund called Ven. This is the perfect destination if you are longing for adventure. Rent a bike, or even a tandem bike, and discover the island’s nature, visit the distillery, and take a refreshing swim in the sea. This is a very fun and good day trip for both bigger and smaller groups. I recommend you go there at the end of May, then you have a chance to see the beautiful rapeseed fields the island is famous for. When biking around the island you will feel like you are a part of a movie, and you will have the best time ever.

  1. Solnäs Gård

If you do not want to travel so far, I recommend you visit Kiviks Musteri in Fjelie, Solnäs Gård, right outside of Lund. This is the perfect half-day trip if you are longing for some fresh air and are craving something sweet. Here you can enjoy a fika, cider tasting and visit their farm shop and bring some apple cider home. You can easily go by bus or even bike there in under 30 minutes. Take a break in your exam period and experience something new!

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