Battle of the Novice Party

The journey from youth to adulthood goes trough rites of passage, the confirmation in the lutheran church, turning 18 and many more. One passage which stands out as especially important is the one from novice to student. This journey reaches its end at The Novice Party, a party which all attendees will forever have burnt into memory.

thumbnail_dsc_1482I was among the lucky who managed to get a ticket to this party and accompanied by the Ninja Turtles group I had a great evening. With the weather on our side we arrived at AF-borgen, got our photos taken and then entered the building to enjoy the apéritif. Hundreds of guests, all dressed to perfection, made for a great atmosphere where the drinks were enjoyed to the buzzing sound of mingling. As per usual the apéritif was followed by the appetizer, a caesar salad. Like many events held for students the food was good although nothing that would tickle Gordon Ramsey’s fancy.

One break and a few fallen comrades later the main course was served. The main was a classic dish, fillet of pork with potatoes and gravy. Though, I heard of one table having a modern take on it with grilled marshmallows as a side. The courses were constantly accompanied by ear- and eye-catching speeches and drinking songs. Altogether the initial phase of the evening, the dinner, was an enjoyment for all senses. The Novice Committee and Sexmästeriet created a great memory, or perhaps the loss of one.dsc_1417

After dinner most guests went on pilgrimages to different corridors, bars or apartments but returned later for more adventure. After midnight the great hall was not filled with the buzzing sound of mingling or speeches but from the groovy tunes that the LÉ-Band always creates. Hundreds of guests were releasing all the pressure that builds up from seminars, late evenings at EC and exams. In hidden corners and behind the curtains in the main hall a few lucky also found love, at least for a while. And like Kanye West said when he expressed his feelings about last weeks performance “I feel sorry for whoever missed that party!” I feel sorry for whoever missed the Novice Party.

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