• The Olympic Hangover

      This summer, football enthusiasts all over the globe will be in for a real treat. Not only will June see the kick-off of the highly anticipated 2016 Euros in France, but also the Centennial Copa América in the US and finally in August, the Olympic Games in Rio. This historical summer, boasting three major […]

  • Bracing for Brexit

    Last year’s Greek acceptance of the ECB bailout package was far from the end of turmoil within the EU. Once more, a referendum on EU membership will be held, and this time the potential impact is substantially larger. On June 23rd Great Britain’s be, or not to be, in the European Union will be put […]

  • Candy on Credit

    This autumn, I started to consume increasingly more and more sweets, something that soon escalated into a full-blown sugar addiction. Generally, I allow myself significantly more treats than I did before my time in Lund, in spite of indebting myself. Through all these treats, I spend money that I have not earned, but rather loaned. […]

  • Raging Bull

    After the panic-filled August and shaky September, the tide has turned sharply and stocks are once again on the rise. Throughout October, global stock markets rebounded con gusto, the Dow Jones gained an impressive 8 %. In general, US companies performed well in the last quarter, and the big fears surrounding China and the Fed […]

  • The Hunt for Red October

    By the time you are reading this, a look out of the window is not likely to be a cheerful one; viewing a dull landscape of grey and brown. However, had you read this piece two weeks earlier that view would likely have been considerably more pleasant. During the latter half of October, a very […]

  • Fed’s Signal Failure

    In the wake of July’s Greek Debt Crisis and August’s alarming Chinese growth data, the global stock market is in a state of turmoil. Stock markets worldwide, including Stockholm’s OMXS and New York’s Dow Jones have seen wild intraday trading and this year’s gains of roughly 20 % have been completely erased. In unstable times […]