• President’s Column #128

    To get to the Summer, and experience that “summer lovin”, you first have to go through the spring. For me, the spring in Lund is my favourite time of the year , and it is really something special. For most of the students it means a lot of partying at Kvalborg and Valborg. But that […]

  • President’s Column #127

    Is it not amazing how innovative students can be? Every day I meet engaged members of LundaEkonomerna that have found a new way to do something and by that solve a problem. It does not matter how complex the problem is, they will always solve it by bringing up a new idea or affect the […]

  • President’s Column #126

    I am sitting on the train on my way to Linköping and this semester’s first U9, a network between the nine largest unions and associations around Sweden that represents Business and economics students. It is one of the external networks where I represent LundaEkonomerna. It is currently March, and more than half of my time […]

  • President’s Column #124

    Is winter coming or is summer leaving? Autumn is definitely here, but are we half finished with the semester or do we have half of it left? Is a glass of water half full or half empty? The questions mean the same but have a different approach regarding attitude and I always try to think […]

  • President’s Column #123

    The semester has started and all students are finally back in Lund and at LUSEM. During the summer Skånis has been very empty and quiet, but now the house is filled with students again, ready to take on the new semester. Lund is a city like no other – one of its qualities is that […]