• Interview with Jesper Sundström – eee

    Tell me about eee! ”This year is the 32nd edition of the eee-days – as you might know, significantly older than LundaEkonomerna! It is the largest career fair for business, economics and IT-students in the Nordic region! We host about 80 companies that are coming to EC to meet our 4 000 students.” What is […]

  • Interview with LE Band

    Adrian Schmidt! Tell me about the band, how come you started it? ”Well, it was actually during welcome week at last year’s novice period when Malin Mörk, by that time working with the Social Committee, said they wanted to start a band and needed someone to pull it through. It sounded good to me since […]

  • Editorial #125

    Studying JÖKEN at the moment, I find that many people are telling me how relaxing the course is. Even if they have not taken it themselves, how much time I should be having on my hands. They smile at me and say: Wow, you can sleep ALL DAY! This is due to the layout of […]

  • A Visit to Moore Stephens

    The auditing business is a great place to start off your career when university life is over, and it is of great interest for many students. During the eee-days (among many different companies) some of the biggest auditing firms are present to attract the best people. One of those companies is Moore Stephens. An employer […]

  • Editorial #124

    We have just experienced, what in my opinion is, the most beautiful season of the year: autumn. When the leaves are at its most colorful stage, brightly orange, falling to the ground to prepare the trees for winter. Walking past Lund university library, I think even the most pro-summer person would agree with me, when […]

  • Editorial #123

    I recently started playing floorball here in Lund. Every monday evening my team plays a game against another nation or union. Six people in each team with four on the pitch. 30 minute games, open nets, a rink surrounding us. It really is, without hesitation, the most intense and fun half-hour one can have. Honestly, […]