Are you looking for something fun to engage in where you can develop and thrive as a leader? Look no further, apply for project leader or the LE board today!

There are an endless amount of activities to engage in during your time as a student in Lund, where you can accumulate great skills that will assist you in your future work-application-endeavours. Many of you have already engaged in a committee in one form or the other, but perhaps what you are currently engaged in…

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There are an endless amount of activities to engage in during your time as a student in Lund, where you can accumulate great skills that will assist you in your future work-application-endeavours. Many of you have already engaged in a committee in one form or the other, but perhaps what you are currently engaged in is soon coming to an end and you are looking for the next step? Or perhaps you have not engaged in anything yet but are feeling ambitious and would like to take this next step instantly? Nonetheless, if any of this sounds applicable to you, I suggest you keep reading. I have had the privilege to interview Valeria, Project Leader for the Nominations Committee, and she and her committee wants you to apply to the project leader and board positions opening up this semester!

What positions do you have opening up in the near future?

Loads! Some board positions and some project leader positions. But to mention a few, we are looking for a vice PL for the Social Committee, a vice PL for the Education Committee, a few half- and full time Board positions such as Corporate Sales Manager, Treasurer and many more. The open positions accompanied with application details will be published on Lundaekonomerna’s Facebook page, and other relevant media, so keep an eye out for that!

What general qualities are you looking for in the applicants? 

This of course varies depending on which position you are applying for and which committee you want to represent. But generally we are looking for people that are eager to learn and like to be occupied. Keep in mind that even though you may not possess the necessary skills at the moment, the most important thing is that you are willing to learn them. These positions are meant for learning, engaging in Lundaekonomerna is about accumulating skills, not just putting the skills you already have to use.

How do you apply and what does the application process look like? 

The application process is a bit more elaborate for PL and board positions than for other committee positions. First of all you fill in an application about why you are suitable for the role, upload your resume and fill in the necessary information. We, the Nominations Committee, will then schedule an interview. You could also be recommended for the position by other students, and in that case we will reach out and inform you about the recommendation we have received and ask to see if you are interested before scheduling an interview. After the interview we decide if we want to nominate you or not, and if we decide to nominate you, you get to attend the General Council meeting and hold a 3-minute pitch as to why they should vote for you. Even if you are not nominated, you can still do the 3-minute pitch in front of the general council, but a nomination will most likely increase your odds. After the 3-minute pitch, there is a 7-minute window where you will get questioned regarding various things the position includes, such as why you consider yourself eligible and so on. From there on it is up to the council to make a decision. Keep in mind that these meetings can last long and go on late into the evening, so be prepared for that.

Why should you apply?

It is a great experience where you accumulate so many skills that are invaluable for whatever you choose to do in the future. Leadership and managerial skills are always sought after and they sit neatly on your resume, along with the other skills you will acquire during your term. You truly learn as you go along with it and in the end it is very fulfilling to see what you and your fellow members have managed to pull off. Of course, there are also a lot of pros that come with it. Some of these include a trip to Uppsala with the other PL’s where you get to meet Uppsalaekonomerna, a discount at Vinterbalen where you also get to bring one additional guest, multiple useful workshops and so much more. 

What motivated you to apply for PL, and what are your favourite things about it? 

I would describe myself as an ambitious person that likes to be occupied. I wanted to do something meaningful besides my studies in order to maximise my time as a student. My initial plan was just to become a member of the nominations committee, but after I received the spot, my then PL suggested that I should apply for PL, which I did and I have now had this position since August. I have loved every moment of it. It has truly been an amazing challenge where I have gone outside of my comfort zone and learned a lot. It is also a big flex on my resume, which I like haha.

Some people are afraid of applying, why do you think that is? And why should they not be? 

I do not believe that “afraid” is the right term for it. I would rather use the term uncomfortable, and I think that the part they are not comfortable with is going up and presenting in front of the General Council. Of course it is a bit scary, but it is also a bit exaggerated. First of all, it is good to push your boundaries and to go outside of your comfort zone. Secondly, it is a great learning experience. It is over quickly and to let something like that stand in the way of the fun experience it is to be a PL or board member, is just silly. Besides, it is a very courageous thing to do and even if you do not get it, you can flex with the fact that you have at least done it. And of course you can always try again.

Since you have gone through this application process, do you have any tips and tricks for the presentation in front of the General Council? 

My tip is to be well prepared. Truly emphasise who you are, what motivated you to apply for the position, what you can bring to the table and why they should pick you. Do not be afraid to brag and list your positive attributes, but simultaneously be real and honest. For the questions, be honest if you do not know. They do not expect you to have the answers to everything yet and the questions can be tricky. Answer the best you can and just show that you are eager to learn in the future.

Thank you for the interview Valeria, do you have any last encouraging words that you would like to share with the future PL’s and board members? 

Do not be scared and aim high! It is a fun experience and a great learning opportunity. If you feel like this could be for you, just go for it! Good luck and hopefully I will meet some of you in the future!

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