Annie Dahlemar: The Vinterbalen Project Leader

What is Vinterbalen?
Vinterbalen is LundaEkonomernas biggest event and a tradition going way back! This year we are actually celebrating the 18th edition to honor all of our active members that represent the union throughout the year! During the fall I applied and became a marshal for Vinterbalen 2017. Being  a marshal is for sure one of the best things I’ve done here in Lund because I got to know so many amazing people and I had so much fun!

What was your ambition of applying to Vinterbalen?  
After Vinterbalen 2017 I felt like I just had to do this again, and seeing the former committees hard work turning out so amazing really inspired me to do this. Vinterbalen is a very appreciated event and creating something that is valuable for so many is something that motivates me. 

What have you done so far and which are your upcoming plans?
I have been the project leader for about two months now and mostly I have been doing research on what we can develop this year by getting advices from the former committee, and having meetings with the board. Up until now I have been alone in the committee but as you might know we are now recruiting! I could not be happier to get some good company!

What do you look most forward to?
Right now it is recruiting the Vinterbalen family! However, from a long term perspective, it will be to together with the committee create our own event and find creative ways to do new things with this tradition and add some more WOW-factor to it!

Since you now are recruiting, what do you value in a member of the Vinterbalen family?
This is not an easy question. But the most important thing is that everyone in the committee feels passionate about creating this event. Also Vinterbalen is a rather small committee and therefore I think it is very important that they are team players and are willing to help each other out. Other than that, I am looking for all types of people with different qualities so that we together complement each other to make an awesome team!

What can the applicants expect in terms of workload?
The positions are very different and some of them have a more consistent workload and some have a varied workload. Although they have different workloads, the most important thing to remember is that we are in this together as a group and if someone has much on their plate we will help them out.

Last but not least Annie, how psyched are you about starting to recruit a new committee?
Question is – Have i EVER been this PSYCHED?!



Demet Olgaç


The Editor-in-Chief of Nådiga Lundtan, Spring 2018

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