An Aesthetic Christmas

December at last. Month of the red, green, blinking and singing star shaped nick-nacks. Lovely. It sure is charming and Christmassy but sometimes, oh so tacky. However, just because your taste is different, you shouldn’t have to live without this source of coziness this time a year. So, here are some quick, easy and cheap ways for achieving a more aesthetic Christmas.

The advent candle holder

Oldie but goldie. The most traditional ones – red and green, filled with moss, definitely brings out that christmassy feeling. However if you want a more aesthetically pleasing one, you might want to go for another version.

Old bottles are perfect for this. Could be bottles of any kind. If old glögg-bottles are something you’ve saved, that’s optimal for an extra touch of Christmas, but otherwise old wine or water bottles work perfectly as well. There are plenty of different designs you can go for, see picture for some inspiration. How much of the typical Christmas colours and designs you want to keep is up to you. Apply your own touch, more or less traditional.

Since this article is published a few days into december the second sunday before Christmas has already passed. However candles are of the utmost importance during this cold and dark time of the year so you could just remove the numbers and still go for the holders.

Gift wrapping

The second tip is about gift wrapping. Something not everyone is a fan of, but maybe, just maybe, this year could be yours. With only a few easy touch-ups you can make your presents look so much more exclusive even though they aren’t really. A present that radiates that little extra feeling of commitment and is well-made makes the whole impression better. So consider giving the wrapping a little extra love this year.

For example, use dry oranges and cinnamon as decorations. Or whatever pretty things you can find in nature or your larder, really. It’ll make the wrapping so much more special. It’s easy and doesn’t have to cost you a thing! During Christmas especially, what could be more fitting than braiding some Christmas tree into the wrapping? Perfect for that Christmassy feeling.

The same goes for the table setting. To get that little extra detail you can wrap some thread around the napkin and then put a cinnamon stick or likewise in between. Super easy, but it really will create the impression that you have put some time and dedication into it.

If you can’t get enough of these kinds of things there are plenty of other ornaments to style. There is always the Christmas wreath and mistle toes etc. Don’t feel forced to go for the typical style, go for what you like.

Happy decorating and Merry Christmas-month!

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