5 Tips for a fresh start of spring 2019

It’s almost April, which means that we officially can say spring is here without any objections! As I am writing this, the sun is shining through my window and I feel without any doubt that the winter is gone and the spring is here. No more snow, brighter longer days, more energy and enthusiasm. To make the most out of spring, I have gathered 5 tips to get a fresh start of spring 2019!

1. Pick over your wardrobe – To get a fresh start, a first step is to pick over your wardrobe. We all have things in there that we know we are never going to use again. And do not dare to think “I have not used this shirt in 4 years, but maybe I will need it sometime”. No, no, NO! You will not! Everything that you have not used in the last year, you will probably not use this year either. Pick out everything that you no longer us, and organize your wardrobe. This will give you a real fresh start of the spring. And of course, all the clothes that you do not use anymore, you can give away to those who need it. Win win!

2. Get a new haircut – As it gets warmer, the more tempting it gets to cut that long hair of. Nothing compares to that feeling you get with a new fresh haircut. And if you feel like you need a little bit more change, you can also try on a new hair colour!

3. Total clean of your apartment/corridor room – You know you should have done it months ago… But there is always something more important to do (like watch a whole season of your favourite TV-show or just sleep). No more excuses, it’s time. You have to roll up the sleeves and just do it! We talk complete cleaning: vacuuming, clean the windows, and the bathroom needs some freshening as well. Don’t forget to empty the fridge and clean it out as well. I promise you; afterwards you will feel like you are ready for the spring for real!

4. New playlist on Spotify – We all know that nothing get us into a better mood than music! But it’s easy to get stuck with the same Spotify playlist too long. You keep adding new songs that you love at the moment, but do not remove the ones you are tired of and that are not right for your spring mood. Therefore, you need to create a complete new Spotify playlist that you fill with songs that match your spring mood!

5. Organize your calendar – To be able to get a fresh start and to use your energy in the right way, you need to be organized. To enter the spring with an organized calendar will help you keep focus and to not get stressed. And this is the key to be able to enjoy the spring, instead of missing out on this great season as you feel that you have too much to do.

With these tips you will get the most out of this spring as possible. Enjoy the sun and spring as much as you can! Soon the summer will be here.

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