President’s Column #134

The sun is shining and Lund is showing of its best side as the semester is soon coming to an end. Students are finishing up their thesis or preparing for final exams before leaving for the summer. The same goes for LundaEkonomerna, this business year is starting to come to its end and the preparations for next year are the main focus. It’s a bit cliché to look back over the year and write about the future of LundaEkonomerna but I just can’t resist as this is my final column. I constantly feel proud when representing LundaEkonomerna externally, we are truly an eminent student union in many ways. We manage to offer a great variety of services and activities to our members in all our three legs.

Our active members have improved LundaEkonomerna a lot during the past year in all our three legs. The education surveillance has experienced big changes, for example the Education Committee are for example arranging another Speak Up Days-survey that focuses on the student welfare situation. LundaEkonomerna will also have another Board member working with educational matters next year. In the career leg we have never had as many company events as this year, and there has been a great diversification in the type of companies that come to visit our students. The social part always arranges social events of top class, the biggest Vinterbal in history is one prime examples of this. We have had a good year but LundaEkonomerna are facing big challenges in the near future. The new international bachelor programme will need to be well integrated in our organization from day one. The lack of a of study places will be a continues challenge for us and the school. If the solution will be to build a whole new building, we would also have to ensure the future of our union house. We can always work harder to ensure that all students from different institutions & nationalities feel like a part of the LundaEkonomerna family.

There are of course many more challenges as we are far from perfect and always should strive to improve. In order to know how we should improve we have to listen to our members. There will be sent out a member survey during the month of May, please let us know how we could develop even further.

LundaEkonomerna’s future is bright and I am certain that the new Board will guide us in
the right direction.

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