1:a maj!

To finish off our series on valborg I took the chance to talk about what finishes off the valborg weekend. And on 1st of May in Lund there is one place to go to and one place only: Göteborgs Nation and their 1:maj event. Therefore I had a quick chat with Ebba Selling from the Committee of Events at the nation about what they have prepared for us.


Hi, Ebba! What does the schedule for 1:a maj look like?

The day starts at 12 on the courtyard of Göteborgs Nation. Between 12 and 14 there will be free hamburgers served to the guests. It’s first come, first served, so don’t miss that! Of course we also have a bar open during the whole event. Our DJ will begin providing the music until later in the afternoon, when the magnificent house band takes the stage! They will entertain us until 18, when the day will sadly come to an end.


What can visitors to 1:a maj expect?

They can expect an atmosphere out of the ordinary! Fantastic music and great, happy people will greet you upon entering.


How long have you guys been planning this event?

Me and the others from festmästeriet have been working on this party during the whole semester, so you can expect every single detail to be top-notch.


How have you made sure that this finalborg will be even better than the previous ones?

This year around we really tried to think outside of what has already been done. This means administrative routines surrounding the event but also of course the party itself. However, the aura surrounding this tradition is so great so of course we want to keep that as well.


How would you describe that aura?

It is the final release of all the energy that has been built up for the valborg weekend. A crowd of happy students already pleased with the weekend wanting to squeeze out the last drops of joy from this fantastic spring holiday.


Photo: Göteborgs Nation


Walter Behrman

Editor-in-chief of Nådiga Lundtan, Fall 2018

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