President’s Column #129

New semester filled with new opportunities, and new students being introduced to the student life of Lund. There is something special about this time of the year, when the new students arrive, it’s almost like the student life of Lund is reborn. All the novice periods at the different student unions and nations brings out all that is special about studying in Lund. 

According to a previous survey from the school, a majority of the students choose to study here because of the student life. The possibility to have fun while studying and to gain valuable experience that complements your education is unique. During our novice period a novice asked me why he should work for free at a nation or student union when he could have, what he referred to, a real job along side his studies. He said that he would gain valuable experience related to his field of studies, meet fellow employees and get paid while doing so. At first, I hesitated a bit before answering. I realize students imbedded deeply in to the student life almost take the engagement in the student life for granted. After a couple of seconds of silence I explained my perspective.

I told him that the social part of the student life itself makes it all worthwhile. Never again will you have the chance to meet this many people that you have something in common with. You will make friends for life and you can’t put a price on that. On top of that, you will gain experiences that you will bring with you in your future career while taking part in all the social activities. You will have the chance to take on a lot of responsibilities and various demanding projects. This type of responsibility is not that common to have at a part time job. You will also naturally gain a valuable network amongst your new friends and fellow volunteers. I can think of countless more reasons, but I believe these sums it all up pretty well. I understand why people ask themselves this question but I also understand why those who are active within the student life take this question for granted. It’s such a natural part of studying in Lund and that’s the most amazing part. My strong advice to everyone asking themselves this question is to try it! There is something for everyone and it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Take advantage of it or come by Skånis and I will hold a way to long lecture on why to get involved.

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